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The forthcoming Creedmoor Community Master Plan (the "Plan") will outline how development at Creedmoor will proceed for the coming decades. After completing an extensive engagement process, ESD has spent the summer and fall synthesizing feedback and analyzing the feasibility of several housing, parking, and open space options in order to develop a Plan that will effectively execute on the vision residents have shared. Once the Plan is released, ESD will move towards implementation.


Creedmoor Community Advisory Committee

The project will include the formation of a Creedmoor Community Advisory Committee (CCAC), which will partner with ESD and offer ongoing guidance on the Plan’s implementation. 

General Project Plan and Environmental Review
ESD will create a General Project Plan (GPP), which will serve as New York State’s mechanism to implement the Plan including but not limited to any land use changes that may be necessary. The approval of the GPP will require a state-mandated environmental review pursuant to the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act. As part of the environmental review and GPP approval process, ESD will continue to engage with residents of nearby neighborhoods and the CCAC for guidance on how to make the review as comprehensive as possible. 

Development RFPs and Plan Implementation

At the conclusion of the GPP and environmental review process, the release of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will follow over the coming years to select development partners.

ESD Coordination with other Government Agencies

Implementing the Plan will require the involvement of other agencies. ESD and the Queens Borough President’s Office will work alongside its partners including New York State Homes and Community Renewal, the New York State Office of Mental Health, and various other state and city agencies to implement the various components of the Plan.

Process and Timeline

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